Black Swan Goes To Boarding School


Nia Washington is a young, African American ballerina who fought her way from the inner city to the stage at Lincoln Center. When a strained foot and bitter break up pushes her into the wings, she retreats to what should be an easy teaching gig at an elite boarding school to heal. 


The beautiful lakeside campus proves the worst place to launch a comeback. Shortly after she arrives, she discovers the body of a drowned student. Pulled into the mystery of the girl's death, she becomes submerged in a world of gossip, cheating and lies where hypercompetitive teens will stop at nothing to hide their secrets. 


And, when she begins to fall for a charming, yet possessive, fellow teacher, she wonders if she can even trust herself--especially when she catches him in a big lie. 


Nia must use all her street smarts to protect her pupils, vindicate a wrongfully accused student and, ultimately, save herself. It's a fight to the finale, one Dark Turn at a time. 


Dark Turns
The Widower's Wife


Odds of falling off a cruise ship? 1 in 2.31 million. But what are the chances that it’s murder?


Investigator Ryan Monahan is a numbers man. So when his company sends him the case of Ana Bacon, a New Jersey housewife whose tumble off a cruise ship could be worth a ten million insurance benefit, Ryan already doubts that her death is a tragic accident. The husband’s alibi makes suicide the most likely suspect. Yet, the more Ryan digs into Ana’s life, the more he realizes that this young woman had secrets several people would kill to keep hidden. And solving the case could make Ryan another statistic.


The Widower’s Wife is a thrilling mystery that alternates from Ryan’s present day perspective and Ana’s viewpoint, three months prior to her fall. As readers uncover the clues they have to ask, what would they do if chance dealt them a similar hand?