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Words With Wine

This week I enjoyed Elisabeth Elo's North of Boston, a gripping murder mystery about an accident at sea that has much more to it below the surface.

The heroine of the book, Pirio, has a great voice. She's honest, funny, snarky and smart. The mystery is unique. The villains are also well drawn characters--no evil sociopaths here that do things because, hey, they're bad guys. Everyone has a motive for their actions that make all the characters believable and enthralling.

I drank a bottle of 2010 Fisticuffs Cabernet with the book, mostly because all the action in the story demanded a wine with some fight in the title. Fisticuffs is one of my favorite California Cab labels. Smooth. Lots of flavor. Not too fruity. A really nice wine to pair with a pugilistic heroine.

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