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Words with Wine

This weekend, I read Sabine Durrant's Under Your Skin. I'm a HUGE fan of Gillian Flynn and Gone Girl (though I think my favorite of her books might be her first, Sharp Objects) and the reviews said that if I liked Gone Girl, I'd love Durrant's novel.

I DID enjoy it--particularly the end.

Gaby Mortimer is a wife and successful working mom who is desperate for her marriage to work. But, the romance is gone. The question is: why? Or, more specifically, what has her husband done and what will Gaby do to make things right? Add the discovery of a young woman's body that resembles a younger Gaby and the question becomes all the more interesting.

Durant has a great answer.

I enjoyed the book with a bottle of Decoy Sauvignon Blanc, a bright, fruity, happy wine to contrast with this dark tale.

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