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Words With Wine

This week, I reread Charles Dubow's novel INDISCRETION. His new book GIRL IN THE MOONLIGHT comes out next month (I already preordered my copy on Amazon) and I wanted to be reminded of how Dubow weaves poetic prose into a page-turner about a heartbreaking affair.

Dubow's tale, set in the Hamptons, includes a cast worthy of a modern-day Great Gatsby. There's an enigmatic woman, a successful-yet-insecure married author, his loving, wealthy wife and a family friend who, like NIck Carraway, narrates the story with a mix of reverence and keen honesty.

I enjoyed the book and am looking forward to Dubow's forthcoming novel. I drank a 2012 Dunstan Chardonnay from Sonoma's Durell Vineyards while reading INDISCRETION. The wine is sweet and crisp with hints of pear, vanilla and lemon. It pleases the palate and fills the heart with nostalgia for summers past--fitting for a story about an unforgettable Hamptons summer that will change the lives of the four main characters forever.

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