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Words With Wine: Trust Me Once

Jan Coffey's Trust Me Once is certain to make anyone trust this author to deliver great thrillers. Coffey starts with a gripping premise and never lets up on the tension.

A woman, attorney Sarah Rand, comes home to learn that she is "dead" and to remain alive she just might have to stay that way. Rand's wild child friend, who had been house sitting while she was away, was murdered instead of her. However, Rand was clearly the intended target of not one, but two, groups of hitmen. The mystery surrounds who is paying for her murder and why. Is it one of the people Rand helped put behind bars? Is it a jilted lover? Is it the actor who has agreed to help her and seems strangely connected to the friend who took the bullet with her name on it?

I didn't know who to trust reading the book. At times, I even wondered whether the protagonist may have set up the whole thing herself. I pride myself on being able to guess the murderer so, when I can't--and it's believable at the end--it's always a wonderful treat.

A great thriller and a fast read. I enjoyed the book with a bottle of 2009 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon. The little brother to Silver Oak, Jordan is smooth and flavorful. A great, accessible wine to go with a fantastic story. A definite add to any thriller lover's summer reading list.

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