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The Widower's Wife: Fact #17

Island hopping in the Bahamas usually involves ferries or puddle jumpers. But a few creative, athletic people have traveled between the islands without the aid of small aircraft or boats.

In October 2014, a 29-year-old Australian woman swam 78 miles between two Bahamian islands. She made it from the white beach of South Eleuthera Island to the shore of Nassau island in 42 1/2 hours. In doing so, she captured the World Record for the longest, unassisted, open water swim.

The worst part of her trip were the jellyfish, which stung her so often and violently that she had to be admitted to the hospital.

Earlier that same year, a runner almost made it from Miami to the Bahamas in an floating hamster wheel. But he got caught in the gulf stream and was rescued by the coast guard.

Jet skis are perhaps the most proven way to go island hopping without a ticket. YouTube has several videos of wetsuit clad guys jetskiing from Miami to the Bimini Islands, which are about 50 miles apart.


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