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The Widower's Wife: Fact #20

One answer to the problem of police using excessive force? Women.

Studies from the Journal of Police Science and Administration and the National Center for Women in

Policing show that women tend to have a less aggressive style of policing than men which often diffuses situations without violence. Female officers are 8.5 times LESS likely to be involved in an excessive force complaint. Moreover, women tend to view their jobs as a "public service" while men see it about "controlling through authority."

Female police officers make up just under 13% of law enforcement positions. (Though, there's a pretty bad ass Asian female detective in my book who works with one of the two POV characters.)

One impediment to more female officers are physical exams based on male standards of athleticism and agility. Many female officers argue that the tests are antiquated since they have developed ways of policing that don't demand brawling with suspects.

Sources: National Center for Women in Policing, The Washington Post (How More Female Police Officers Would Help Stop Police Brutality, July 2015)


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